In an attempt to beat some writers block, I stumbled across this little gem. Seventh Sanctum provides users with a host of plot generators for a number of genres and even lets you mix and match them. While the quality of the material these generators produce can be questionable, the laughs they create are well worth it. Consider the following plots as we mix modern, sci-fi, and fantasy themes:

“This is a comedy-of-manners with an emphasis on the flaws of man. The story is about a detached astrologer, a laid-back outlaw, and a fisherman. It takes place in a thieves’ guild in a haunted fiefdom. The story begins with someone reading a book. An important bloodline plays a prime part.”

I would read it. Let’s do one more….

 “The story is about a necromancer who is best friends with a boring college professor. It starts on a deep-space probe. The story begins with a door being opened and ends with a death.”

I think we know where the plot of 50 Shades came from now.

Try it out for yourself and comment with your best plots!