A New Way to Search for Articles, Books, and More!

Try the New Search! The Library has made some exciting changes to improve your experience as you search for articles, books, and more. 

We’ve also made a few improvements to the Library website. As change goes, with these improvements come new options and interfaces:

Find What You Need - Faster

As of today, when you perform an article search from the Library homepage you will be searching multiple Library research databases simultaneously and you’ll encounter a new interface:


The search improvements we’ve made are possible because of a product called Summon

Changes to the Library Search Widget

We’ve also made some changes to the tabbed search widget available on our homepage:

  • Articles tab: search most (but not all) Library research databases all at once.
  • Books & Media: search the Library catalog for books, E-books, audio, video, and film (including streaming video).
  • Everything: search the majority of Library research databases and the entire Library catalog all at once.


Things That Won’t Change

You will still be able to access specific Library research databases from the Library Research Databases page and search for books, E-Books, journals, textbooks, video, and more in the Library Catalog. Links to Databases and our Catalog are, and will remain, available on every page of the Library website:


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